Congratulations to our Grads of June 2016!

June 30, 2016

After a couple of years of hard work, we gathered to celebrate the great accomplishment of the Graduating Class of June 2016.



The Auditorium was absolutely packed as friends and family joined in on the celebration.


DSC04954 (1)

Our MC and Program Director, Nikki (Degeneres) Spence, was hilarious and heart warming all in one.  Garth, the owner of the school was in prime form as well, making for a very enjoyable evening.

DSC04977 (1)


The class Valedictorians, Danielle and Kendra, were also in fine form and gave a heartfelt, funny speech.

DSC04957 (1)

Every semester we hand out Special Awards and this year’s winners were:

Lynne Monton – Deb Romeyn Academic Achievement Award

Jessica Roy – Ruth Campbell Proficiency Award.

Leah Peever(pictured below)- Class Contribution Award


DSC04959 (1)


Cal Zankowski, one of our alumni, and also former instructors gives a scholarship to a student every semester, in memory of his son, Cody.  This semester, there were three recipients: Jennifer Sellar, Lynne Monton and Jessica Roy.  (Left to Right)

DSC05018 (1)

Congratulations everyone again.  We wish you much success in your future endeavours.