Research Project for Students Involving the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

May 20, 2016
Dear Sudents & Graduates,
I hope this email finds you happy and healthy. Al Couture, as many of you know, is the head Athletic Therapist for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and he approached me recently about establishing a recovery protocol for the players that involves three different rehabilitative stations the day after game days. Along with dynamic stretching and thermo therapy, Al wants to make massage therapy the final station in this three pronged approach to recovery. While the sequence of these three stations will vary due to the number of players involved, we feel there is a great opportunity to turn this into a research project fit for publication.
We are currently seeking volunteer therapists who are willing to contribute 2 hours once per week following game days to provide recovery based massage at the stadium. Therapists will receive refreshments, lunch and will have their names included in any research submission that is made as a result of this work.
Below is a list of days during the season where your services will be required and we are hoping 10 – noon will be a consistent treatment time frame. There will be no need to bring sheets, and tables will be provided by the Bombers and MTCM.
 if you are interested, please contact the College as soon as possible.
Treatment Days
June 25 (Saturday)
July 9 (Saturday)
July 15 (Friday)
July 22 (Friday)
July 29 (Friday)
August 4 (Thursday)
Sept. 5 (Monday)
Sept. 11 (Sunday)
Sept. 18 (Sunday)
Sept. 25 (Sunday)
Oct. 1 (Saturday)
Oct. 9 (Sunday)
Oct. 30 (Sunday)
Nov. 6 (Sunday)
We look forward to hearing from you.
Garth Beddome & Nikki Spence