Before Choosing a Top Rated Career Like Massage Therapy in Winnipeg and Beyond People Have Questions Like….


What Kind of Job Opportunities Exist?


One of the most exciting aspects of our profession is the diversity of opportunities that exist for our graduates. Massage Therapy College of Manitoba graduates have worked and continue to work in different countries in a variety of environments: private practice, health and spa resorts, professional sports and cruise ships to name a few. Many of these environments allow students to work individually or as part of a team, depending on their preference.

According to local insurance reports, the number of people accessing massage therapy in Winnipeg and beyond has dramatically grown over the last ten years. This rapid growth has created more demand in more areas.

For a current list of employees that have recently contacted us looking for therapists, please visit our Job Opportunities page.


Is the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba Eligible for Student Loans?


As a registered Private Vocational Institution, our students may be eligible for Canada and Manitoba student loans. Depending on each student’s history and current financial situation, they may also be eligible for specific scholarships, bursaries or grants. Students in the past have also received funding through Employment Insurance, The Manitoba Metis Federation and from local banks who offer student lines of credit. For more information on how to apply for a student loan please contact us at the school at 204-772-8999.


What is the Average Income for a Massage Therapist?


Since massage therapists can work a variety of hours, in a variety of situations, this is a hard question to answer. In Winnipeg, most independent therapists charge between $60.00 – $70.00 per hour but this rate can change considerably across the country in different environments. For example, on cruise ships or at spa resorts it is not uncommon for clients to pay $150.00 or more per session. In these cases, however, the therapist is an employee and receives considerably less depending on the contract. As an average in Manitoba, part-time therapists can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per year while full-time therapists can earn between $40,000 and $60,000.


Are There Any Prerequisites For the Program?


Students who apply to the college are always considered on an individual basis. All must be a minimum of 18 years with a high school diploma (grade 11 biology is recommended). While these are our minimum standards, our history has shown that those students who attended university, even for one year, with a focus on health or human anatomy are better suited to meet and successfully maintain our high academic standards. Having said this, we have also found that a student’s life experience and desire can often overcome a limited academic past.


Are There Any Dorm Facilities at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba?


At this time the college has no dorm facilities. Fortunately we are located in a residential neighbourhood that offers both affordable housing and the convenience of location for most students.


Are There Any Extra Costs Associated with the Massage Therapy College?


The only ongoing costs aside from tuition are linens and massage oils. We also recommend, though we don’t require you to purchase a massage table prior to beginning year two of training. This purchase is not included in your tuition expense since every student is unique and may wish to select from any number of table styles, colours and models. Local table suppliers provide demos throughout the year so that you may find a table that’s right for you.


Why is the Massage Therapy College Pursuing New Accreditation?


We have always felt our program could measure up to any in North America. In an effort to place ourselves among the most respected in our field, and provide our students a standard they could be proud of, we are currently pursuing new accreditation through the Canadian Massage Therapy Council For Accreditation (CMTCA).

The process for accreditation is voluntary and involves an extensive self study review and a school visit in which all aspects of our college will be evaluated. Since Canada has no nationally recognized accrediting agencies at this time, the development and support of the CMTCA is a logical choice, and one we will be proud to attain.



What Are the Major Differences Between Massage Schools Like Wellington College, Robertson College and the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba?

Most reputable schools will offer a similar curriculum when it comes to the science of the body and how it functions. Where we strive to excel is in the areas of accreditation, instructor quality and massage technique.


We encourage you to take a tour of our school and talk with our graduates.

Seeing and hearing from them about their experiences, during and after attending our college, will clarify just how important the MTCM difference can be to your career.

I have been enjoying and appreciating massages quite regularly for the last few years. The knowledge, and professionalism shown by both the students and their supervisors always impresses me. They not only address my concerns during the actual massage therapy session, but also send me home with suggestions and examples of exercise that will help as well! Both my physical and mental health have definitely been enhanced by my visits to The Massage Therapy College of Manitoba.
– From a loyal clinic client,
Linda McLaren