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Graduates of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba - Massage Therapy Career Winnipeg, Manitoba


Massage Therapy College of Manitoba – Ambassador Program

Since I strongly believe the success of our Massage Therapy College and profession rests largely in your hands and the hands of our future students.

I have another topic I would like to discuss with you.

Everyday, whether its through your treatments or personal experiences, many of you come into contact with people who either show interest in our profession or are people of high character who you think would do well in our profession.

In fact it is quite rare when I do a tour or a Freshman orientation session that I don’t encounter several students who came to the Massage Therapy College on the advice and recommendation of you, one of our graduates.

Since our success has been largely connected to these recommendations, I think it is high time I both acknowledged and rewarded your support.

In the future, we will award you a $100 gift card for any student we accept that was influenced to apply by you. I hope this gesture helps to convey my deepest thanks for your continued support of our College and the work you do within our profession.

If you have any thoughts on how this page could be of better service to you or you have a job opportunity to pass along please let me know and I would be happy to post or consider it.

Haven’t had a treatment in a while? Not only is our clinic available to you at a discount but if you and your former classmates would like to meet for a group get together we can make the College available on specific evenings with sufficient notice. Share techniques, have a potluck or just a chance to stay connected and say hi. If we can help let us know.