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Tuition / Financing


Massage Therapy Practice - Massage Therapy College of Manitoba - Massage Therapy Career Winnipeg, ManitobaWe at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba understand the cost of education is a considerable expense. In an effort to alleviate any undue burden we have conveniently spaced your payments throughout the year. If you have received a student loan, we can adjust our payment plan to match your fund schedule. If you require assistance in applying for a loan or acquiring additional funding through bursaries or grants, we are pleased to help in any way we can.

Fees for Year One

Tuition 9,797.00
Books / Notes 1,355.00
Supplies 125.00
Training Completion Fund 97.97
Registration Fee 75.00
Total $11,499.97
Fees for Year Two

Tuition 8,990.00
Books / Notes 970.00
Training Completion Fund 89.90
Total $10,049.90


*Prices are subject to change.

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Canada Student Loans


Massage Therapy School - Massage Therapy College of Manitoba - Massage Therapy Diploma Winnipeg, ManitobaPrior to beginning classes, students are required to pay a deposit of $400.00 on June 15th or December 15th, depending on entrance date.

A minimum of $3,254.90 will also be due at the time of your registration. The remainder of the tuition costs can be paid by three post-dated cheques. If a student is receiving financial assistance, in the form of a student loan, we require a photocopy of the “Notice of Assistance” prior to, or on registration day. Students receiving Manitoba or Canada Student Loans will be required to attend a one hour workshop on loan management.

Withdrawal or termination procedures, as required by our governing body PVI (Private Vocational Institutions), are outlined in our enrollment contract, on pages 13-16 of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba student handbook.  One additional cost that occurs in year two is the purchase of your massage table. Every student is different so we leave this very personal choice to your particular taste. Local table suppliers and online choices will be reviewed in order to help you make the best choice for you.